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Photo session testimonials:

☾ Upon meeting Georgina for the first very first time, she immediately felt like a longtime friend. A poetic multidisciplinary artist with a warm spiritual presence and a playful inquisitive process of unfolding. Thank you for spending time and unfolding with me. -A.M.

☾ These are my favorite portraits anyone’s taken of me, Georgina has such a great eye. There was no fuss, no stress; the ease of it made me so surprised at how much I loved the images that she captured. Thank you Georgina for your gentle presence and loving eye. Please support her on Patreon to see the full extent of her genius! -N.W.

☾ I haven't felt seen in this capacity of depth from another artist in this type of way. There's something sacred about these images. I look at them and see beyond me. I see my ancestors, I see my mom, my sister, those in my bloodline... I'm reminded to continue on my journey of self exploration and alchemy for a cause way bigger than my individual self. -S.M.O

☾ Shooting with Georgina made me feel so beautiful and feminine in a way I never have felt before. It felt like I was expressing myself in ways I never have been able to—it felt extremely liberating to me. Our shoot reminded me why I used to love getting photographed so much and why I am so particular about what kind of photography I actually like—I often feel that it misses what can make it such a power tool/story-telling tool, and creating with Georgina has given me that understanding back and has just made me want me to immerse myself in art more. -M.B.


Georgina's beautiful portraits of me inspired me to take nude photos of myself. I felt beautiful taking them and I haven't felt that way in so long. Like it allowed me to be present with my body. Thank you for healing me in ways you may not have even meant to. -M.M.

☾ Georgina made us feel so seen, beautiful, and safe during our engagement shoot. Everyone was blown away by her work! -I.M. & R.K.

Georgina captures me in a way that makes me feel so beautiful. It's simply my body existing and it's so beautiful. -S.L.

☾ Georgina's work is truly stunning and supportive of the female gaze. I really got lost in her Patreon, what a gift. -G.P.

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